Teach Your Kids About Money

Kids are perfect mimics. They learn everything by watching you and copying what you do (good and bad). This applies to money, too. So it follows that the best way to teach kids about money is to let them see how you handle it. It is therefore fundamentally important that you are a positive financial

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Get More Bang For Your Buck

* Plan ahead Stock up on Birthday or Christmas presents during sales. People don’t need to know that you have only paid $20 for their $50 present! Buy clothing for next year for yourself or you kids at the end of season sales. You can pick up bargain boots at the end of winter and

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How to Get The Best Deal

1. Do your homework Research, research, research. Use the internet to your advantage to find out the best possible price for the product. 2. Price match Most large stores have price match policies. Once you have found the best price, get your closest store to match, or even beat the price. 3. Negotiate Expensive products

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The Sample Phenomenon

There is something exciting about unscrewing the lid of a tiny jar & examining its contents for the first time. You bring the jar up to your nose and sniff. Smells fresh, clean, pure. You dip your forefinger in and then rub it along your thumb. Feels smooth, creamy, light. Now for the real test.

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