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About Us

BShare is a user-generated website where you can share you’re latest and greatest bargains with the world. Basically, we have members who find really awesome bargains and share them with you on our website.

As you’d probably have expected, at BShare, we’re a small but dynamic team of savvy individuals who crave a great bargain. That’s why we created this site for you!

At the top of the BShare chain, we’ve got Jess. Staying true to herself, Jess is a serial bargain hunter, and likes to describe herself as “a fun loving shopper 24×7″.

Jess’s claim to fame is that she once bought a leather jacket from a leading retailer for a measly $2. No, this is not a misprint!

Next and last in line is Johnny (We told you we were a small team). Johnny can’t quite place himself on a pedestal as high as Jess, however, he has had his fair share of bargains and continues to do so to this day. Johnny best describes himself as “a serious and determined shopper”.

Johnny’s claim to fame is that he once purchased a brand new set of $1,100 speakers for a tiny $200.

What We Do

BShare is a great place to find and share bargains with other fellow shoppersrelating to everything.

And yes….we mean everything.

Clothing…Technology…Health & Beauty…Travel…Toys…and much, much, more.

As a member of BShare (which of course is 100% FREE), you are able to comment on bargains, post your own bargains, and participate and interact with other fellow shoppers in our BShare Forums.

    BShare is a social shopping resource dedicated to helping people find the latest shopping bargains, freebies, articles on how to save money, product reviews, tasty and affordable recipes, the latest movie reviews and so much more.

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