LAW ABIDING CITIZENIn one of the biggest departures since David Beckham left Manchester United, Gerard Butler leaves the romance aside to portray one of the most brilliant sociopaths to have graced the screens in many a year…..

Best remembered for his role in PS I Love You, Butler plays family man Clyde Shelton, whose family are killed in a home invasion and the one of the killers is freed after only serving 5 years, due to a deal done with Assistant District Attorney, Nick Rice (Jamie Foxx).  Shelton takes his time, but revenge comes to those involved in the deal and it comes big time. A series of high profile murders grips the City of Brotherly Love and Shelton manages to do all this from his jail cell.  The only one who can stop him is of course ADA Rice (Foxx).

Butler is simply captivating in this role and really leaves Foxx in his wake as an actor, not that Foxx doesn’t play a good ADA, it’s just not the scene stealer he may have hoped for.

This is a very graphic and violent film, but I enjoyed it very much, with twists and turns everywhere, it keeps you guessing for a long time.  I would give this a 8/10.