kleenexKleenex Cottonelle has recently released a range of Toilet Tissue and Flushable Moist Wipes for kids. The range is aimed at kids of toilet training age and up. The toilet paper features Kleenex’s cute puppy dog print on every three to four sheets, with the plan being that this teaches kids how much toilet paper to use. When they get to the puppy, they stop and tear. The Flushable Moist Wipes are available to help kids get themselves really clean, without the need for adult help. Each wipe is embossed with puppy designs and is lightly fragranced. And they come in an attractive pop-top refillable container.

We gave Cottonelle Kids Toilet Tissue and Flushable Moist Wipes to a selection of BShare reviewers to see what they thought. Here’s what they had to say:

“The wipes gave my toilet-training 3 year old the opportunity to clean his bottom without my help. This gave him more confidence on the toilet.”

“My 2 year old daughter was refusing to use the potty. Now she actually wants to go because she loves to see the puppies.”

“My kids love having their own special toilet paper. Mum and dad aren’t allowed to use it!”

“I carry a tub of the wipes around in my bag. That way, if Megan needs to use the toilet when we are out, I’m still confident that she will end up all clean.”

“While William would happily use the toilet, he was using far too much paper. Now he knows when he gets to the puppy it’s time to stop and tear.”

“Since Maddie has only just started toilet training, I found the transition much easier with the Moist Wipes. She is already used to the moistness of baby wipes, so she prefers the feeling of the moist wipes to the dry paper.”

“Jack told me that he is a big boy now as he can clean himself using his special paper and wipes.”

“I explained to Sophie that when you see the picture of the puppy, you stop unrolling and tear the paper off. Now she thinks it’s a treasure hunt. She carefully studies the paw prints on each sheet of paper as she is unrolling, until she reaches the puppy. Then she gets very excited and tells me that she has found the puppy and tears the paper off.”

“It’s nice to be able to encourage kids with a little bit of independence.”

“Lachlan’s catchphrase for the past few months has been “Lachie do it!”, so it is great that with these products he can actually use the toilet himself.”

“I must admit that I was a bit skeptical at first. Natalie loves to unravel the toilet paper and ends up using way too much. I didn’t think anything would stop that behavior until she outgrew it. I was amazed that she instantly started using the correct amount of paper when I explained the Cottonelle Puppy concept to her. Now she seems to get more of a thrill out of discovering the puppy than unraveling the paper!”

If you have young kids, it sounds like the Kleenex Cottonelle Kids range is a must. Not only is it cute, but also practical and easy to use.