orphanOrphan started straight off as very engaging, it pulled at my heartstrings as a parent, I daresay it would have a similiar effect to non parents too. The setting, the background music, the sound effects, the actors expressions were all so engaging, I felt as if I was right there, could feel the pain alongside Kate, both in childbirth and after.
A family of four grieving for their stillborn baby with the aim of projecting all their love onto the newcomer adopted the 9 year old Esther.  But, Esther turned out to not be a sweet as she first appreared to be.  I felt drawn to be protective of everyone who crossed the path of the highly manipulative and vexatious Esther.  Orphan played around with issues of trust in a marriage and how past digressions can influence future beliefs.  When Kate became suspicious about Esther’s mysterious presence but non involvement in accidents, that her two young children, Max and Daniel seemed to not be telling her something and that Esther mysteriously had a broken arm (I was squirming in my seat watching Esther self inflict her broken arm in a vice) she then started delving into Esther’s background.  John didn’t trust Kate’s instinct and it was somehow turned around that the problem was all with Kate.   Orphan pushed the boundaries with child sexuality, with the child figure attempting to seduce the adoptive father.  I was most relieved the shocking advances were rejected and this made Esther seem even more so the enemy, just in case there was any doubt and she was not to be pitied at all.  Esther’s unfolding character and lack of conscience was the most scary aspect of the film whereas her actions were more confronting and shocking.
Orphan had the entire audience glued to the screen, myself included.   I found myself on edge, waiting for every twist, every angle.  I was constantly jumping in my seet, even at the predictable loud music which accompanied yet another predictable jumping out scene.  Some were intriguing, some were so disappointingly predictable.  The last two lines spoiled the entire movie, they were so very twee and very 2nd rate leaving me feeling betrayed that I had put so much of my attention into what must be a B grade movie.  I felt conned.  It cheapened the intriguing storyline and brilliant acting with a shoddy attempt to create a cult line (or two).  It was like being sold out for the sake of consumerism.
Essentially a thriller with some horror, mostly bloody and all the more horrific as it involved children.  Definetely entertaining and thought provoking.