money* Plan ahead
Stock up on Birthday or Christmas presents during sales. People don’t need to know that you have only paid $20 for their $50 present!
Buy clothing for next year for yourself or you kids at the end of season sales. You can pick up bargain boots at the end of winter and dresses for next to nothing at the end of summer.

* Be selective about where you shop
While it is convenient to buy everything you need at the supermarket. You could easily save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per year by purchasing your fruit and veggies at the greengrocer and your meat at the butcher.

* Know the cycles
Fill your car with petrol on a Tuesday or Wednesday to get the cheapest price.

* Get the best deal
Make sure you pay the best price for whatever you buy.
Research, shop around, negotiate, price match.

* Coupons
Look out for vouchers and coupons offering % off, free delivery, bonus items, etc…
Check BShare regularly for all the latest discounts.

* Subscribe
If there is a newspaper or magazine that you buy regularly, consider subscribing for savings of up to 50% off the newsstand price.

*Meal Plan
Plan all your meals for the next week or fortnight. With a detailed shopping list you will spend less at the supermarket, be less likely to impulse buy, and will have less food wastage.

* Put on your chefs hat
If you make, rather than buy work and school lunches and snacks, not only will you eat healthier, but you will save a considerable amount of money. Imagine you spend $10 per day on lunch at work. Instead, spend $20 buying good quality ingredients to whip up 5 delicious lunches at home and you have already saved yourself $30 for the week. That’s over $1500 for the year! Imagine what you could buy with that!

* Swap
For a free wardrobe update, ask friends or family to do a clothing swap. Get rid of stuff that you are bored with or no longer fits, & give others the opportunity to do the same.

* Op shop
Check out op shops for great homewares, clothing or toys. You’ll pick up some amazing  bargains, while supporting a worthy charity. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

* Scour the catalogues
If you don’t get them delivered, check them out online.  Stock up on core grocery items that are on special and plan your meals for the week based around items that are on sale. Check out the department store catalogues for % off sales.