GaiaMy baby spent his first nine months in the most natural place in the world. It follows then, that I wanted to carry on this natural environment after he was born.

For this reason, I tried Gaia. Gaia Natural Baby products combine natural and certified organic ingredients to be gentle and soothing on baby’s delicate skin. Importantly, they also leave out all the nasty stuff, like petrochemicals, mineral oils, soap, sulphates and other drying agents.

The range includes Bath & Body Wash, Baby Shampoo, Conditioning Detangler, Baby Moisturiser, Skin Soothing Lotion, Baby Massage Oil and Natural Baby Powder.

When I opened the simple bottles I was greeted with the gorgeous aroma of pure essential oils. After using the wash and shampoo on my bub in the bath I was enveloped in the soothing warmness of the fragrant bathroom. I followed with a gentle massage using the moisturizer or massage oil, and when my little one awoke in the morning, I didn’t want to wash his sweet-smelling clothes. Aside from smelling wonderful, the skin soothing lotion has been great on any areas in need of a little comforting, like my sons ongoing dribble-rash!

The conditioning detangler is a fast solution to morning bed hair for my toddler. A few sprays into her tangled, dry hair and I can easily slide the brush through and be on my way!

The range is not only perfect for precious newborn skin, but also ideal for use on sensitive, easily-irritated skin, dry, flaky skin, toddler skin, and preggy bellies.

Gaia also do a mens range, which my hubby loves. I love it too, because it means he doesn’t steal my body wash or moisturiser!